Roasted Genmaicha 

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Roasted Genmaicha  

Our Roasted Genmaicha is a blend of roasted brown rice and Gyokuro karigane, which is a premium shade-grown green tea developed in Uji, Kyoto. Gyokuro karigane has a higher concentration of rich umami flavor due to being shaded longer than Kabusecha.

This tea can be enjoyed hot, cold, or iced, offering a range of delicious flavor profiles.

Cold brew: 
Tea Quantity: 10 - 12g

Water Quantity: 750ml (oz)

Water Temperature : Cold Water

Brewing Time: More than 3 hours

Hot Brew: 
Tea Quantity: 3g

Water Quantity: 100ml (oz)

Water Temperature : 80℃ (176F)

Brewing Time: 45sec

Hot Brew for two: 

Tea Quantity: 6g

Water Quantity: 200ml (oz)

Water Temperature : 80℃ (176F)

Brewing Time: 45sec

Health Benefits of Japanese Tea

CatechinIncreases fat burning / Inhibits the growth of oral bacteria / Anti-inflammatory 
Improves mental focus / Improves sleep / Reduces blood pressure / Eases stress
Others Benefits: Prevents Type 2 Diabetes / Inhibits bone loss / Protects against certain cancers

Farmer and Roaster

Our Genmaicha is crafted by an experienced tea farmer located in Kamo, a town within Kizugawa City. It is then roasted by a well-established tea roaster and wholesaler based in Kamikoma, Kyoto.

Origin: Kizugawa city 

Kizugawa City was established in 2007 when the towns of Kizu, Kamo, and Yamashiro merged. As of December 2016, the city had a population of approximately 75,000 people living in 28,000 households, and it continues to grow.

The city is renowned for its abundance of water, natural beauty, and historical significance, and strives to lead the way in cultural innovation.

Joruri-ji and Gansen-ji are just two of the many famous tourist attractions located in Kizugawa City.

(Reference : Kizugawa City Office)

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