Kabusecha Samidori

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Kabusecha Samidori

Our Kabusecha has been grown with a non-chemical, pesticide-free, natural farming method.

Kabusecha is type of shaded tea, which been shaded from sunlight for 1-3 weeks before picking. The process of shading leaves makes teas sweeter and richer in flavor. You can enjoy Kabusecha hot, cold and iced. 

Hot Brew:
Tea Quantity: 6g 

Water Temperature : 120ml (4oz)

Water Quantity: 60℃ (140F)

Brewing Time: 90sec

For one:
Tea Quantity: 3g

Water Temperature : 60ml (2oz)

Water Quantity: 60℃ (140F)

Brewing Time: 90sec


Samidori is a type of tea cultivar from Uji, Kyoto. It tends to be used for high grade Matcha and Gyokuro. It has a rich aroma and Umami flavour, and these become stronger by being covered by sheet on top of tea trees. Therefore, Samidori grade is suitable for shaded teas like Matcha, Gyokuro and Kabusecha. 

Health Benefits of Japanese Tea

CatechinIncreases fat burning / Inhibits the growth of oral bacteria / Anti-inflammatory 
Improves mental focus / Improves sleep / Reduces blood pressure / Eases stress
Others Benefits: Prevents Type 2 Diabetes / Inhibits bone loss / Protects against certain cancers

Farmer and Roaster

Our Kabusecha is made by the experienced tea farmer in Kamo(Kizugawa city). It's roasted by one of the long-established tea roasters/wholesalers in Kamikoma, Kyoto. 

Origin: Kizugawa city

"Kizugawa City was formed in 2007 through the joining of Kizu, Kamo, and Yamashiro towns, and has a growing population of around 75,000 people and 28,000 households as of December 2016.
Kizugawa City is rich in water, nature, and history, and strives to be a frontier for culture creation." 

Joruri-ji and Gansen-ji are famous sightseeing spots in Kizugawa city.  

Reference : Kizugawa City Office

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